Dec 27, 2008


Listen to "Sylvia" on our Facebook page.

Smile, Sylvia
I don’t know when I’ll love again
But smile as you fly around the planet smile
As you count another year
Smile, Sylvia
The books I’ve read will come again
Alive, curious and waiting to be
Know your letters A to Z

Life, Sylvia
Won’t be so bad, won’t be so sad
Life if you stop and play in the middle of strife
If you sing a song when something’s awry

If they hurt you no matter how they try
If they push you there’s no need to comply
Turn the world upside down
And then you’ve found it
Go to sleep and

Smile, Sylvia
I don’t know when I’ll love again
But smile as you fly around the planet smile
As you count another year
Smile, baby, smile

Dec 21, 2008

"Marcher, what's that song about?"

Glad you asked. It's based on the Henry James novella The Beast in the Jungle.

Dec 18, 2008

Dead Parents

Listen to "Dead Parents" on our Facebook page! Russ is the lead singer, with Molly and Steven on backup.

I met you the night that both your parents had died
You leaned into me and told me that you'd never cry
And all that you ever needed, you had inside
I have to admit, it certainly sounded like lies


All I needed to know
And all I had left to show
Was the look in your eyes
Was the dream in your mind
And I wanted to be
And I wanted to see
All that you are
All that you were
Wanted you more
Than I know who you are
You are the heart
You are the land
The only girl
That I could stand

I was lonely on my own
You're the only one I phoned
Deep in my heart I was calling out for your love
So I wandered the streets until I had had enough


You're the one who got this right
All we have is one more night
You and me and the out of sight
All we have is one more night to get it right

You were always on your own
But when I called up, no one's home
Nobody loves you like I said that I would
Nobody loves that, nobody could


Nov 26, 2008


Listen to our recording of "Twenty-Five" on our Facebook page! The singers are Molly and Steven, and lyrics are below:

Twenty-five, or two and five
Spelled with two prime numbers
Twenty-five, or five times five
And sum of two square numbers
Twenty-five, la la la
Five more than a full score
If you count by fountain pen
Count five groups of tallies

Suddenly I found myself beginning to sit still
Suddenly I found that I was picking up the bill
Yet my scribbles from so long ago still send me chills
Still send me chills

Twenty-five is silver, please
When it's my anniversary
Twenty-five is manganese
If you're into chemistry
Twenty-five is a quarter of
The big old sum one hundred
Twenty-five is the quarter coin
The head of our first president

Dusting off my old Nintendo really made me feel
Like those days I weren't in charge of making any deals
They assure me, son, you ain't seen half of what is fun
They say I'm still young

Twenty-five golden rings
On five lucky hands they fit
And every year, many like
This day in December

Nov 24, 2008

Mosswood park duets

If you hadn't noticed, yesterday was the most beautiful day out here in the East Bay. Just gorgeous.

Steven and I carted our various music making supplies over to the park and tried things out till the sun went down. We played all the songs I sing on and/or have banjo/glockenspiel parts for. Pleasantness all around. Small children eyed us happily. Really, there is nothing better than playing music outside on a nice day.

I have also been outed as a not-as-bad-as-I-used-to-be banjo player. It's still to be seen what that means for this band. Pretty excited to be starting a bluegrass band with some other folks next Sunday, though. I have high hopes for this bluegrass thing. Maybe we could play a show with the rest of the BPP folks some time.

Nov 15, 2008

Devin McCutchen - Earthquake Blues

Devin came over to San Jose to record some instrumental tracks for our demo CD, and in-between takes he started playing his new song "Earthquake Blues" and I was so amazed by this song that I felt we needed to go outside and make a definitive recording, La Blogotheque style.

Nov 10, 2008

Marin Headlands in black and white

thanks again to everyone who came out!

Nov 7, 2008

Coming soon to a social networking site near you

We're heading down to San Jose to record a few more songs tomorrow. Steven, Devin and Russ have some fantastic new songs that we're hoping to save for posterity - so watch out for those!

Also, we now have a little "Fan Base" section on the blog ---->

So, if you're a fan, you should, uh, join our fan base ;)

Oct 12, 2008

Busking on Shattuck

Molly and I met up at Live Oak Park, and then we decided to go busking a few blocks down on Shattuck. That was pretty successful as we made $5 in about 1 1/2 hours. Mostly from children. That was enough to buy a couple slices of pizza from the Cheeseboard and convince us that we're ready to play in public more often.

Sep 28, 2008

Not only that!

So, yesterday's show was pretty much the best thing ever. I don't even know where to start. All I know is it was perfect being outside in such a great space in such perfect weather.

Despite being thwarted by the most terrible terrible traffic, we all made it to the Marin Headlands by 3pm and unloaded our mountain of music making supplies. We set up camp near a picnic table and figured we'd practice a few songs till someone told us where and when to play. Then, about a third of the way down the setlist, we noticed there was a bit of a crowd (made up of the lovely folks who'd given us rides out to this remote fairy land) pooling up in the shade behind us, so we turned ourselves around to face then and put on a bit of a show.

And then magical food appeared. And we ate and drank. There was a fairy wand and blond angel-children that played music with us in the general vicinity of a ratty old persian rug that materialized (one can only assume) for our benefit.

Love was in the air.

And then we played again. Another set, having opened for ourselves like we've always claimed we wanted to do. And the crowd laughed at our jokes and clapped to Dead Parents and called us adorable.

But that was only the beginning. The music that came after us was so just... stunning and intimate as we crowded in on the arms of sofas and cushions on the floor to see a couple of kids interspersed with the audience playing songs at the foot of the stairs of this beautiful house. It was amazing just to sit there and absorb the fact that we had been a part of this perfect, perfect evening.

So a huge thank you to Hilary's friend Josh from all of us for letting us be a part of this. And to Sleepy Todd, Indianna Hale, The Blank Tapes, Honeybody Moonbee, the Magic Leaves, and all the other bands I didn't get to see. I highly recommend checking all of them out!

Here's to hoping we can do this all again some time soon!

The set list

Thanks to everyone who came to our show in the Marin Headlands! Here's what we played:

1. Picture Yourself
2. Diggin' A Grave (Micah P. Hinson cover)
3. Yodel
4. Scenic World (Beirut cover)
5. Twenty-Five
6. Marcher
7. Parish
8. Dead Parents
9. Frankenstein
10. A Cautionary Song (Decemberists cover)
11. Idea
12. Sylvia
13. Neighborhood #2 (Laika) (Arcade Fire cover)
14. Siki Siki Baba (Kocani Orkestar cover)
Just wow. You know? A stag ran past us while we played. Is all.

Also I promised we'd post about where we're playing on here before we play. So we should that.

Sep 15, 2008

Rocking the Marin Headlands

It's official - we'll be playing our first proper show with the Magic Leaves and the Blank Tapes on Saturday 9/27 at the staff house of the Marin Headlands hostel!

Till then, we'll be sorting out how exactly to play our songs with so many people and possibly making the acquaintance of those unknown beasts of amplification, the mic, mixer and amp.

It's pretty much guaranteed to be a good time and we'd love to see you there!

Sep 5, 2008

Au vélo

Listening to Blind Pilot live from Portland, Oregon, at MusicFest NW, courtesy of KEXP. They are really good actually, these Blind Pilot kids.

The one dude just said they're going on a bicycle tour. Is that not the best idea you ever heard? Should some subset of us not also embark on a bicycle tour?? We should. We really should.

Aug 31, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 8/31/08

Today we played at Mosswood Park and did some more filming. Lisa, Molly, Steven, Angela and Noah were there, as well as Noah's friend Mulligan Rose.

Aug 28, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 8/23/08

Lisa, Molly and Steven had a little practice on Saturday at the Berkeley Farmers' Market. We added a new harmony part to "Picture" and some banjo to "Sylvia." We earned a peach and a pluot from one listener.

Aug 17, 2008

More croquet cuteness

**photos courtesy of Erin Prado

Aug 12, 2008

The Latest in Band Outfits

Discovered this on the Brooklyn Vegan randomly.

I love how Von Trapp family this is and I totally admire them for wearing what looks like orange and yellow cotton jersey shorts - and getting away with it.

I think every so often about band outfit aesthetics and designing clothes in general. I don't foresee this ever being our deal - you know, the matching outfits thing - but still it's fun to see what other people are doing. (Other people, in this case, being De Novo Dahl). And I'm always down with coordinating.

I also like having themes à la Arcade Fire with some kind of motif going through various people's clothes.

I kind of like the idea of doing a color theme party wardrobe coordination practice/party every so often. It does make for great photos...

Anyway, I won't turn this into a fashion blog heh, but I'll leave you to feast on this:

Aug 10, 2008

band practice/tea + croquet (birthday) party

Dang. Where even to start.

I can't even believe that not everyone is out there playing music in the park. For the life of me I don't think I could think of anything better.

We had the most best practice/party today, granted it was probably heavier on the party than the practice, but what are you to do when you're being swarmed by fans who also want to chat? I was a little worried that it'd be cold today after something of a chilly morning yesterday, but it was fabulously warm.

Steven, Russ, Liat, my mother and sister and I all arrived simultaneously at Mosswood Park and settled on a spot under a tree near Broadway where we layed out our blankets and quite a spread of food. There was also a bit of a goth party and twenty hipsters on bikes and Sri Lankan women sitting in a circle and a fancy kid's birthday party with face painting and a piñata and then later a bunch of dudes playing soccer and frisbee and another twenty people playing some kind of volleyball, so the park was brimming with life. and our party was hopping.

So many people came out. So, so many. It was amazing. It made the (birthday) part of the practice/party that much sweeter. Through out the day a series of kids (from that birthday party) with the Batman bat painted on their faces (maybe it was a Batman themed party..?) paused near us to see what our deal was. I'm telling you, kids love us.

But not only kids! This older guy came by after we played Laika - and our Arcade Fires were off the hook today, for real - to say that we should put out a cd and get on the scene because he knows.

And another woman who seemed to be just passing through stopped by us to ask if we were a band or just kids who play together. A little of both? I said. She explained that she has some kind of artist space and is looking for bands to come play in it and did we have any contact info. Awesome, yes. So, we pointed her to the good old fb page. Hopefully Jared can hook us up with a nice link like, now that he works for that king of social networks.

We even did a little bit of filming for our croquet/Marcher video. Dunno how the footage came out, but we started it and you can't really ask for more than that. I also heard Steven chatting up Aron about animating our Twenty-Five vid Schoolhouse Rock style. If we ever finish these things, we'll def share them with you all via fb/youtube/this blog. I also saw a bunch of cameras snapping photos throughout the day, so hopefully there'll be pics to post soon.

It was so great seeing everybody and playing music with and for them. I swear I could do this every day of my life and die happy.

ps. I also ran off a couple more posters and plan to print more soon. Maybe some day we'll start selling them, but for the time being, if you want one, just holler!

Aug 3, 2008

Live at Lake Temescal

I wasn't even really aware that there was a lake at the top of Broadway, but we carted our battery of acoustics up there today and rocked it lakeside.

There were lots of us today - enough to throw a real practice/party. Steven, Vijay, Russ, Devin, Molly, Angela and I played through most of what we're calling our setlist. Devin also brought a magical little book of every American folk song ever sung and then some. I insisted Russ do Ciana's birthday song and if I'm not mistaken he was playing some of his old ep stuff in between songs over on his edge of the blanket. We're playing Grizzly Bear's Knife more regularly now, which makes me happy. I love that song. Still need to work out how we want to fill in the atmospheric layers they do, but even our impromptu covers sound pretty decent.

We're all way into Steven's new song Picture - which I always want to call Picture Yourself. We played Siki Siki Baba twice and relived Diggin' a Grave. Angela somehow managed to bike all the way up the hill with an accordion in her bag (and a clarinet, a fancy harmonica and I don't even know what else) and worked her clarinet magic on Twenty-Five. I think the musical highlight for me was Russ covering Idea in his big band voice while I did a pretend singing saw. We really need one of those things. I don't know how our band has gone so long without such an essential instrument.

There was some serious partying going on around us too - a very intense group badminton game with this really deep grunting and yelling, a little smash ball, and a couple birthday parties. We were joking on the way over that we should play kids' birthday parties since kids love us and today was no exception. Three or four kids wandered over to watch and touch things.

Really though, we should have been playing at this one birthday party next to us. These people really went all out. They had the clown, the face painting, the caricaturist, the works. Both the clown and the portrait artist showed a little love on their way out. The portrait guy asked if we were a real band or just kids who get together. A little of both? We pointed him to our Myspace/Facebook page. I hope he checks us out. It would be rad if at some point we were together enough that we could just post up where we'll be for the day on our site(s) and people could swing by to enjoy if they so pleased.

All in all, good times. I even managed to score a slew of pirate songs that I am loving. Thank you, Russell.

Jul 29, 2008

practice/partying hard

That party on Saturday was just absolutely tip top. So amazing in fact that we need two blog posts about it!

We rolled in at about 5pm before even most of the hosts were around and started to set up shop in the backyard. Russ, Steven, Molly and I played through some of the old favorites. If we haven't told you a thousand times already, we're gearing up to do a couple of performances in the relatively near future, so we've been running through a set list lately, but still fishing about for some new gems to add to it. All in all I think I was at the party for something like nine hours. We played music straight through till 1am with only the briefest of pauses around elevenish to run in for food. I was starving and Molly & co. had made the best ever vegetables, and I think it was Eve who made some positively first rate guacamole that had strawberries instead of tomatoes - and I still swear I tasted lavender..

But after a few minutes of stuffing myself with any food within my reach, Russ and I decided that we still just want to play music. And man, we played with everybody and for everybody. We finally met Lana who eventually returned with an incredible orangey-gold sparkling accordion, and I'm still crazy about Hilary's cello. It was great to have Vijay back on violin and towards the end of the night we even had Katie teaching us to play Anyone but You by The Moldy Peaches on ukulele. One of Noah's neighbors came by and had us try to play along with any songs he knew so he could sing. We had a big turnout for Hallelujah and did a pretty good version of Sound of Silence even though we hadn't practiced in a while. Noah, Steven, Hilary and I also performed Wouldn't It Be Nice and God Only Knows even though we'd only really gone through them once a month ago.

And people listened to us! And kept asking who our songs were by, so we kept pointing at Steven and Russ. We were competing for a while with one of the neighbors' opera on blast, but you can't really blame anyone for listening to opera at that volume. There's just something epic about it all that demands it. And another one of the folks that lives in that apartment building out back applauded us at one point. The love was just pouring out from everywhere. One kid said he'd looked us up on MySpace and had even read our blog! and came over to shake our hands! How awesome is that?! Russ and I played him Postcards to Italy since he asked if we knew any Beirut. (Thank you, good sir, if you're reading this. You are awesome. We love you.)

So yes, the party was marvelous, and we can't wait to play for you some time soon! Till then, please say hi :)

Jul 27, 2008

Mosswood Park and house party, 7/26/08

During the afternoon, Russ, Steven, Maya and Hilary played at Mosswood Park. We played "Idea," "Scenic World," "Marcher," and "Sylvia." Practice time was restricted to the number of coins we had to keep our cars from being ticketed.

Afterwards, we moved to Molly/Noah's house. We were joined by Lisa, Molly, Noah, Vijay, Lana and many more partygoers. We played most of our songs, including some we hadn't played for a while, including "Laika" and "In the Backseat." By special request, we played "Wouldn't It Be Nice," "No Woman, No Cry," "Across the Universe," "People Are Strange," and "Hotel California." Steven presented a new song, "Picture." And our cover of "Hallelujah" is sounding quite amazing these days.

Jul 19, 2008

Ohlone Park, North Berkeley

I brought some snacks to celebrate our first practice with Maya's viola and violin and Hilary's cello just like the old days - a sourdough baguette, red grapes and Annie's cashew dip. If any dip will convince people to join our band, it's Annie's. Although I think I ate most of it myself...

In any case, Maya and Hilary are both awesome and we sound really full with very nearly a string quartet. I've been fantasizing about having a cello to fill out our otherwise non-existent low end for ages. Welcome to the crew, guys!

We've never played in Ohlone Park before, but it was great. Lots of people around, but with plenty of space to spread ourselves out and make some noise. We didn't get any more Sparks offerings, but there were a couple of families who paused to listen for a bit.

Angela (and Vijay, Ciana, Russ, Noah, Devin and Lana) couldn't make it because she fractured her foot. Eek! Think good thoughts for her so she can heal and come play with us again soon! Steven, Molly, Maya and Hilary were making some good sounds, though.

Maybe the best part of today was working out the violin bit of Scenic World and playing around with that song. Such good stuff. We're definitely going to be working that one into our regular repertoire, which we will hopefully be showcasing some time in the nearish future - maybe at a park or farmer's market near you!

Jul 13, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 7/12/08

Location: Live Oak Park. Musicians: Lisa, Steven, Angela, Molly, Vijay, Devin. Songs played: "Postcards From Italy," "Mount Wroclai," "Siki Siki Baba," "After Hours," "In the Backseat," "Frankenstein," "Marcher," "Idea," "Twenty-Five." Discussed our band name, show in August.

Jun 29, 2008

9 Hour Music Marathon

There was some serious music happening yesterday.

Firstly, Noah and Steven were gracious enough to let me tag along to their Beach Boys practice. Noah also brought his friend Hilary who has the most incredible voice. We did some good stuff with God Only Knows and Wouldn't It Be Nice. In a mere three hours we were able to power through two full songs weird harmony bits and all. I even went out and finally bought Pet Sounds today. You should ask us to show you some time!

Post-Pet Sounds, we did a bit of unwinding down the street at Noah and Molly's place, finally settling into the living room. We had fun playing through our original catalog and Molly, Steven and I practiced a harmony for Fireball Mail (that song I've been learning on the banjo). It turns out that the song is about one of our favorite subjects: trains. Hopefully, I haven't already abused everyone's tolerance for bluegrass and we can work on it a little more. We sounded pretty great, if I may say so myself. Thanks to Steven for arranging the harmony!

We seem to be pretty into that texture that harmony adds these days, so I'm excited that it sounds like Hilary might be interested in joining our band. And she plays cello. How perfect is that?! I've been fantasizing about having a cello in the band since day one! She also has a friend who plays accordion, which would make Ciana's departure for the big, crazy, and far away world of New York City slightly less dramatic and sad. But it's still dramatic and sad - we miss you, Ciana!

Keep sending your awesome, musically inclined friends our way!

I'll leave you with the lyrics and the chord part of Fireball Mail. For the melody/harmony, you'll have to ask Steven :)

Fireball Mail:
Here she comes, look at her roll
There she goes eatin' that coal
Watch her fly huggin' the rails
                            D         G
Let her by, by, by the Fireball Mail

Let her go, look at her steam
Hear her blow, whistle and scream
Like a hound waggin' his tail
Dallas bound, bound, bound the Fireball Mail

Engineer makin' up time
Tracks are clear look at her climb
See that freight clearin' the rail
Bet she's late, late, late the Fireball Mail

Watch her swerve
Look at her sway
Get that curve out of the way
Watch her fly look at her sail

Let her by, by, by the Fireball Mail
Let her by, by, by the Fireball Mail
Let her by, by, by the Fireball Mail

Jun 23, 2008


Practice on Sunday, June 22nd

Steven, Lisa, Russ, and Ciana gathered at Live Oak Park in Berkeley for practice yesterday. We played through pretty much our entire repertoire, and even tossed in a couple of new cover songs for good measure. We had probably more adoring fans than ever - at least 3 (maybe 4) children under the age of 5, and one homeless woman. It was a monumental event, because we received our first payment in exchange for music EVER: a can of Sparks from the homeless woman. ("That's got like, 6% alcohol in it!!") We were, needless to say, honored, and have taken the can back with us as a future collector's item.

Jun 3, 2008

Music video ideas

I am a big fan of music videos. Let's make some:


How about a La Blogotheque-style video for "Frankenstein"? Can it have something to do with Frankenstein, like in a lab or some dingy looking place? Or at least have that mood of something bizarre happening? If we don't try to film ourselves playing live, then cardboard instruments would be great for a Frankenstein video because it is like we are trying to give life to 'dead' cardboard. Maybe we can do that at a junkyard-type place like the Albany Bulb.

For "Marcher," I was thinking something like this Belle & Sebastian video. The band is doing stuff while the singer is being contemplative. "Marcher" is kind of a tragic song and I would like the video to reflect that. I imagine a cold day in the city when Marcher is realizing what he has lost and he's wandering around. Then he ends up at a graveyard where May is, loosely following the story in the lyrics. It would be great to do this in Berkeley, since we probably have some favorite places there that we want to have some footage of. There should be a scene of us playing croquet, too.

It could be a like an episode of Schoolhouse Rock! with animated versions of ourselves.

How about this? A continuous shot of me walking down the street, but I'm not lip syncing to it at all, until the very end, when I pick up a guitar and sing the word "Smile." So, it's like we are turning thoughts into action. Fade to black.

Probably should be filmed in San Francisco. Could just be us singing and playing as we walk along the shore, and walk along some more...

Jun 2, 2008

The Flying Club Cup Chords

D#m, C#/F , F#

Sunday Smile
C , F, Bb, Dm

Guyamas Sonora
D#m, F#, C#, D#m

La Banileue
F# , B, Em, A

Part 1: Bm, Em
Part 2: D, Am, Em

The Penalty
Verse: C, Em, F
Chorus: G, C, F, C

Forks and Knives
G, Em, C, D,

In The Mausoleum
A, C#m, D, C#m

Un Dernier Verre
F#, Bm, E

Part 1: G, G, A, Bm
Part 2: D, Em, G, D

St. Apollonia
Intro: C, G, Fm, G
Verse: Cm, Fm, Cm, G
Instrumental: Cm, Fm, G, Cm

The Flying Club Cup
Part 1: C#, D#m, E, D#m
Part 2: F#, E, G#m, F#

Jun 1, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 6/1/08

We played in Molly/Noah's living room. Attendance: Noah, Steven, Lisa, Ciana, Molly
  • Worked on the bridge on "Frankenstein." Will now sound like a workshop.
  • Played "Marcher," "Idea," "Sylvia," and "Twenty-five".
  • Discussed our next practice, our CD, a music video, and posting a Craigslist ad for additional musicians
  • Played some Beirut songs

May 25, 2008

Band Practice/Barbecue, 5/24/08

Today we practiced in Molly's backyard. Musicians assembled: Molly, Noah, Steven, Lisa and Ciana. Songs played: Frankenstein, Marcher, Idea, Sylvia, Yodel, Twenty-five. Our friends were there, too, so it was kind of an informal concert.

May 23, 2008

We want you

As much as I love the idea that this band is more of an institution than a band tied to specific bandmates, I think we're all bummed at the prospect of a lot of us being forced to move far far away for frivolous life pursuits like higher education. I mean, I'm happy for you all and fully intend to take advantage of your brains and social connections, but *sniffle* I was worried for a while there that our lovely old band might change beyond recognition.

Actually though, I think we're too feisty and crazy about each other to let a few thousand miles do any real damage to The Band.

Also, I think we are secretly and openly trying to win Noah over to our cause. So far, things are looking good. Does he know that we are blown away by his mad skillz? Or at least I am. That boy can make proper sounds come out of anything you hand him. I am intensely jealous.

In any case, we are on the prowl! And, on the off-chance that anyone else in the wide world runs across this blog, I thought now would be a good time to make a shameless plug for new bandymates. We want you! Come say hi!

May 18, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 5/17/08

Practice at Molly's place. Musicians: Steven, Noah and Molly. Played on "Twenty-five," "Idea," "Sylvia," "Yodel" and "Frankenstein."

May 12, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 5/11/08

Today's band practice was held in Molly's backyard. Musicians present: Molly, Steven, Erin (Molly's friend from yoga), and Noah. Tea was served. We played "Idea," "Marcher," and "Frankenstein." Worked on harmonies, including a new part in "Idea." Then spent a long time trying to figure out the 4-part harmonies on "God Only Knows." Steven and Noah discussed forming a Beach Boys' Pet Sounds-only cover band. Steven, Noah and Molly discussed potential new bandmates, including several violinists and a cellist we know.

Apr 21, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 4/20/08

Location: Lisa's apartment. Musicians: Lisa, Steven, Ciana, Russ. Worked on "Sylvia," "Yodel" and "Tears in Our Eyes/Dead Parents." Wrote the accordion/acoustic guitar melody for the chorus on Yodel. Finalized arrangement of Dead Parents and added a "Twist And Shout"-style build-up near the end.

Apr 5, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 4/5/08

Location: Lisa's apartment. Musicians: Lisa, Steven, Russ, Ciana, Molly. Songs played: the Smiths song, the western song, Dead Parents, Idea, Sylvia, Yodel, Don't Die In Me, Monument, Paint It Black. Discussed covers, electronic side project.

Mar 21, 2008


From this article:
Astronomers have detected the deepest note ever generated in the cosmos, a B-flat flying through space like a ripple on an invisible pond. No human will actually hear the note, because it is 57 octaves below the keys in the middle of a piano.

Mar 16, 2008

House party and Dolores Park, 3/16/08

1. Diggin' a Grave
2. We're Going to be Friends
3. Idea
4. A Cautionary Song
5. South Australia
6. Postcards From Italy
7. Portland Bridges
8. Born on a Train
9. Don't Die in Me (2nd show)
10. Frankenstein
11. Marcher
12. Laika
13. Siki, Siki Baba

Musicians: Lisa, Ciana, Russ, Vijay, Molly, Devin, Steven.

Mar 12, 2008

Mar 9, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 3/9/08

Location: Ciana's place. Musicians: Ciana, Russ, Steven.
  • Frankenstein: Discussed the new arrangement.
  • Portland Bridges: Wrote some harmonies and a new part for the accordion.
  • Idea: Russ to play banjo in the beginning. A saw or whistling for the kettle. Bells or zils on selected lyrics. Trumpet to solo during the instrumental, accompanied by trilling mandolin. Trumpet to double accordion part during the verses.
  • Night Life: Worked on the placement of the accordion melody, cut the length of the choruses.
  • Dead Parents: Added the clapping part during the verse. Part of the verse now a recurring motif. The bridge is now the beginning of the chorus.
  • Played Maggie May and most of the songs we're doing next week.

Mar 8, 2008

Maggie May

Hey Fellows and Fellas,

We were messing with some old school Rod Stewart (for the mandolin's sake, of course, per Steven's advice), and "Maggie May" sounds awesome.

Here are the tabs (the "revised" version). Give it a go - it's fantastic!! 


Mar 4, 2008

Melodies & Feist

This is from a recent interview with Feist:
Feist grew up in Calgary and spent her teen-age years as the lead howler for a hardcore punk band.

One memory that sticks in her mind about those voice-grinding days is what a sound man for her band told her one day:

"He said, 'What you're doing is great — I mix it every night so I know — but a song is something you can sing in the shower when there's nothing else there, and you should think about that.'

"I was 17, going 'Whatever!'" she recalled. "But it's true. As the years pass, I think about that."
Maybe she was thinking about that during the first part of her "Mushaboom" video:

Mar 3, 2008

Nuestro Primero Cartel

Because I feel like speaking Spanish today.

This is our first band poster.

Not bad eh?

For the next one, I'm thinking maybe pirate ship. Or, should I say pyrate...

Mar 2, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 3/2/08

Location: Mosswood Park. Musicians: Ciana, Russ, Steven, Lisa, Molly, Vijay, Noah, Mike. Weather: Clear. Songs played: Idea, The Night Life, Frankenstein, Postcards From Italy, A Cautionary Song, Diggin' A Grave, Hallelujah, Laika (slow version), Tennessee Waltz, Heartbeats, Dead Parents (making its debut), Sylvia, Blues Jam in E. Tried some new covers: Across the Universe, Lovely Rita, There is a Light that Never Goes Out, Panic, Bigmouth Strikes Again.
  • Lisa made our first poster.
  • Decided to have a show next Sunday at Dolores Park, San Francisco. Should try to burn some CDs.
  • We decided not to change Warlock lyrics. Instead, we will write an all-new, bloody pirate song.
  • Tried to write a song about English breakfast tea.
  • Discussed our techno/electronic side project. Vijay to be prerecorded with face appearing on video.
  • Slash Party


Drawn together young embraces
Sat like loveless seeds who perish
You remember, May, when we were young
Found us in the cool November sun

I sensed something looming towards me
Vaguely, just beyond my arm’s reach
Oh, won’t you watch with me?
Oh, won’t you watch with me?
I drift like a ghost through a fate that I keep holding on

Long nights we stayed up in sentry
Gazing, playing, side by side we
Saw the joy that passion could have brought
Lost the joy that passion would have sought
May, now I feel you, my tears fall in vain on your tomb


(Just to make it easier to look up the lyrics.)

A wintry day of dismal rain,
Falala, it falls against
The window panes, the withered stains,
Tralala, the spark of feeling anew!

I have been waiting all this time to make you mine,
I have been waiting all this time.

So young and fine, sublime, divine
Are the words I’d use to tell
About my pride, synthetic bride--
Weialala, a portrait of my mind!

I have been waiting all this time to make your face come alive,
I have been waiting all this time as time goes by.

Everyday I live to bring me closer to you,
And through the window nature looks so heavenly,
But nothing compares to the beauty of my dream.

I have been waiting (all this time)
I have been waiting (all this time)
I have been waiting all this time. (I have been waiting.)
I have been waiting (all this time)
I have been waiting (all this time),
I have been waiting all this time to make you mine.

Feb 25, 2008

Road Trip Recording

Driving home last night we decided that we should try to record a record while on a road trip. The idea is to rig a van with mics for each of the people in the car. Driver pretty much has to be the singer and the passengers have to be well placed in the car so as not to poke each other with guitars and banjos.

But the end result would be a record (probably along the lines of an EP depending on the length of the trip) that was recorded in a single drive. I'm thinking we start out with my van and trip to LA down the 5. Of course the theme probably has to be the same of the drive.

Oh and someone can ride in the trunk/back-back and do the sound mixing.


Feb 24, 2008

Band Practice/Recording/Party, 2/23/08

Musicians present: Vijay, Molly, Ciana, Steven, Lisa, Russ, Devin. Songs recorded in studio: Frankenstein, Marcher. Songs recorded/performed live: Diggin' A Grave, Siki, Siki Baba, Portland Bridges, Idea, Postcards From Italy, Neighborhood #3 (Power Out), A Cautionary Song, Goodnight Irene, The Night Life.

Feb 17, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 2/17/08

Location: Live Oak Park. Weather: mostly cloudy. In attendance: Lisa, Russ, Ciana, Steven, Devin and Alex.

Portland Bridges: Lengthened the instrumental for the recorder and violin solo, removed the chorus after the instrumental.
Idea: Worked on it a little bit.
Frankenstein: Worked it out note-by-note for Devin, plus other detail work.
The Night Life: Played through, moved the bridge, verses and choruses around. Russ worked out the melody.
Marcher: Came out fine. Devin played drums and sleigh bells.

Diggin' a Grave: We decided to do the slow version all the way through, then a count off, and 2 verses fast.
A Cautionary Song: No changes, except Devin played the mandolin.
Postcards to Italy: Sounded fine. Ciana switched to drums. Added a little dramatic moment at the end where it stops momentarily before going into the last instrumental.
Laika: Good as usual.
Siki Siki Baba: Experimented a bit with the rhythm section. We eventually decided it should sound "driving." Did detail practice with the transition near the end of the song. Lisa played drums on different surfaces.
Born on a Train: Added a dramatic pause before the last verse.
South Australia: Sounded good after two attempts. Steven used the recorder.

Feb 11, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 2/10/08

Yesterday, we played near the gazebo at Lake Merritt. Originally, we wanted to play at Molly's house, but we moved it outside because it was a nice and warm day. Musicians present: Molly, Vijay, Steven, Lisa, Ciana, Russ, Devin. Songs played: Marcher, Frankenstein, Portland Bridges, Mt. Wroclai, Postcards From Italy, A Cautionary Song, Laika, In the Backseat, Hallelujah, Fear of Trains, Diggin' a Grave, and After Hours. Song debuts: Idea, The Night Life. We stopped only when it got too dark to continue. Audience: tequila guy.

Feb 7, 2008


Here's a new song.

As we [Am] walk in- [G#] to a room of freezing cold [Am]
You [G#] laugh and say hello my [Dm] friend
I [E] fear my [Dm] kind idea [E]
And I [Am] brew a [G#] kettle drumming tea for [Am] you
[G#]Yellow foggy silver [Dm] blue
I [E] feel its [Dm] sweet ap- [E] peal
And [Dm] you in the armchair all [E] alone
Ooh, [Am] tell me [F] something [G] about the past [E] decade
Of [Am] blue and the [F] monochrome [E] tube
We can [Am] swing and [F] rock till
We [G] both have had [E] our fill
Of [Am] time and of [F] space and of [E] fun
But we [F] know we will never be [E] done

Am G# Am G# Dm E Dm E

The nightclubs and bars and disco lights
Ooh, don’t compel us
As much as our habit of
Staying up watching all night
As I fell into your arms
Fallen out of harm
The charm of a dream of mixed rhymes
And the fancied invention of lines

Later on, the sun is in the room again
Chased away the moon again
The mirror is frosty dear
In a daze, gentle wind a warm embrace
And everything is in its place
So near come for me here
The Sunday review is on the lawn
Ooh, we should go out, see what it’s all about
The bricks in the old custom house
We can stop and wonder
In front of a window of a shop
That is closed for the day
And the sights that we’ll see on the way

A Sea Shanty

In response to a previous statement that we ought to do a sea shanty, here's one of my favorites:

South Australia

[D] In South Australia [G] I was [D] born
[G] Heave [D] away! [G] Haul [D] away!
[D] South Australia [A] round Cape [D] Horn
And we're bound for [A] South [D] Australia

[G] Haul away you [D] rolling king
[G] Heave [D] away! [G] Haul [D] away!
[G] All the way you'll [D] hear me sing
And we're bound for [A] South [D] Australia

As I wlaked out one morning fair
Heave away! Haul away!
It's there I met Miss Nancy Blair
And we're bound for South Australia

There ain't but one thing grieves my mind
Heave away! Haul away!
It's to leave Miss Nancy Blair behind
And we're bound for South Australia

I run her all night I run her all day
Heave away! Haul away!
Run her before we sailed away
And we're bound for South Australia

I shook her up I shook her down
Heave away! Haul away!
I shook her round and round and round
And we're bound for South Australia

And as you wollop round Cape Horn
Heave away! Haul away!
You'll wish that you had never been born
And we're bound for South Australia

Here's a version by the group Tangleweed.

Feb 6, 2008

Found our video

Remember that guy who filmed us when we played up in Bernal Heights on Nov 17th? Looks like the vid still exists on the internet.

Here it is again:

The video as a whole is weird, of course, but I think we look cute. And sound pretty good. Just ignore the bong noises...

Brilliant ideas we've had so far

Band "retreat"
where we all go camping or something and roll out our rug and hang our chandelier and play music in a massive park. around a campfire or something. and talk about music and get high on life. *mklj
YES! my only concern right now is weather. can we go to south america and do this? *cw*
we also need our rug and chandelier.. *mklj

European World Tour
in which we live it up in europe and play in various parks. maybe even wandering down the streets. must include a stop in paris. *mklj
OUI! *cw*

music video
we should make our music video like a 1950s home movie, of us playing music and sports in the park. let's get a vintage movie camera. i want to remember this part of my life. -sc
oh i love this! *mklj
this, like all of our ideas, means that we should tighten our sound and make some original music first (or at least do REALLY tight covers.) but i think it's a fab idea...esp. in b&w! *cw*
or color with a lot of contrast.. *mklj

video in which we're playing cardboard instruments
inspired by this pic *mklj -->
yes, i like that. let's shoot the frankenstein video in a junkyard where we are also building stuff out of cardboard and other recycled materials. like frankenstein and his monster. -sc

curious merch
dude. so maybe i'm getting carried away with this curiosity shoppe thing, but how awesome would it be if we sold like curious merch like a curiosity shop?? we could sell like..anything. like stuff we made. like crazy photos or paintings or arctic fox skulls. *mklj
i like this idea. this is so much cooler than selling stickers and t-shirts like all the other bands. -sc

our first show
where we just play for our friends maybe at the berkeley marina (or at the berkeley farmers market...)

Trip to Paxton Gate / Antique Shops/ Other Places to Glean Inspiration
We can make mini-field trips and excursions to imbue ourselves with the aesthetics we want to achieve...not that this doesn't happen naturally, but it might be nice to SEEK inspiration...just to let her know that we want to be buddies with her asap.
i approve. let's go *mklj

mailing list
people are coming up to us in parks. we should keep a mailing list so we don't lose touch with them.
we need to make sure not to be spammers since we have a lot of "shows" but if the mailing list is for people who want to play with us, I can just add them to the list we have now and invite them to 2-3 practices, if they come, we can decide if we want to keep them. i'm all about accepting people, but some people are sketchy.. *mklj
yeah people can be sketchy and we must be careful. we can screen the people who make it to our mailing list, talk to them to see if they just want to hear us, or want to play with us. it is probably a bad idea to invite strangers to one of our houses, but if we have band practice at a park, i think it should be okay. we can keep a mailing list for people interested in band practice (like what we have now), and a "public" list for strangers interested in hearing us. we can also have "tour dates"----start planning band practices waaay in advance.-sc
i'm wondering if maybe having a mini website would be a good idea. that way they could come to us? not sure that's a good idea though since it would lend itself to stalking. ..i will start a new idea.. *mklj

one mic recording
this is kind of a technical point. if we make recordings of ourselves, i don't want it to go through studio processing and mixing. since we're all acoustic, i think it will be possible to record with one mic in the middle of the room, like they did 50 years ago. we can mix ourselves by moving strategically around the room. a band called aberfeldy did this recently and actually it sounded pretty good. -sc
well except that i still like the idea of crickets etc. which would Probably require studio mixing. *mklj

mini website?
that way we could just give people our website and not have to spam them with email or even maintain an email list for that matter. retention would be lower probably, but i like that it requires them to be proactive. still a problem with stalkers though.. *mklj
it's funny i never thought i'd have to deal with fans. haha. *mklj
i think we should have a mailing list, but only include people who actually requested to be on it. i don't consider it spam when i get e-mails from a band, i actually enjoy feeling like i'm part of their secret club. we don't have to use the mailing list that often, either. maybe once a month. i like the idea of maintaining a website too, we can have a curiosity shoppe section where we sell stuff we make. -sc
(see our facebook page)

touring India
because Ciana, Russell and I just saw Darjeeling Limited and it's clearly a must. *mklj
hear, hear! *cw*
...on our European World Tour *mklj

electronic side project
an all-electronic band, with laptops, synthesizers, disco lights, effects boxes, samplers and other fun stuff.-sc
and we could go on tour with ourselves. like our electronic band would open for us. or the other way around depending on how we feel that day. *mklj
ooh can it be fun and dance-y? *cw*

listening party
in which we each bring a song (or more than one...) that the rest of us maybe haven't heard or should hear again. and we could do a hear and tell and talk about what we like about it and discuss what we could maybe work into our sound. just a thought. *mklj
that sounds like radiohead decal. something like that would be good for developing listening skills, too. -sc

serving food at concerts
When we start playing concerts at real venues, we will be the first band ever to provide food to our audience, because it's a band practice/party. Even better if we prepare the food ourselves. Can you imagine, a buffet table down the middle of the Fillmore? -sc
first of all, i love that you say "when". catering lots of large parties will cut into music playing time and could add to ticket prices, but i like the idea of being an event bigger than the band. what i think would be cool was if it was a potluck, but venues would probably have legal issues with that. and with us bringing the food for that matter unless we got food service licenses... which we could do. *mklj

First song ideas

could we do a song in french? i would totally help out with the lyric-writing/singing as necessary. *mklj
YES! Singing in French (or any language) is easy because accent doesn't matter. Plus it's so fun when most people don't know what you're saying. *cw*

for the exotic/travel element. a quick glimpse into a moment. *mklj
this should also be one of the things we sell at our curiosity shop. -sc

one song with two lead vocalists
i think it is sexy when two singers take turns with the lead vocal, even more so if one singer sings a verse and the other singer sings the same verse later in the song -sc
hells yes. agreed. sexy = good, and we have a lot of sexy in our band. -cw

sea chanties
or is it shanties? *mklj
YES, like at day of the dead! -cw

i'm writing a song about the bicycle, since it is the main form of transportation for some of us. and because we have a bicycle bell.-sc
can it be a dark, mysterious bicycle song? like dark and mysterious in the way the arcade fire are dark and mysterious? *mklj
sure, i will try to make it dark -sc

everyone contributes
i am def. feeling like we need to get off of the ground floor with original music, and i don't want to force our lovely steven to come up with all of it on his own (unless he wants to). it might be cool to try making a collaboration, or even having everyone meet up just to talk about new song ideas so that we can put SOME ideas onto paper (or out onto the soundwaves) and start being our own band, rather than a cover band. though i love singing covers, i'm way more into "Frankenstein" right now than any of the other songs we sing! -cw
i totally agree. i don't want to write all the songs because they will all sound the same. bands like the beatles and queen are awesome and got variety because all of their members were songwriters. on the other hand, the beatles started out as a covers band... they learned to play pretty much every song written from the mid 50s to early 60s, and i think that's why they are good... they took the best elements from their favorite songs and created something even better. this band spreadsheet has been pretty helpful so far, but yes we should all discuss song ideas during band practice.-sc
I think it might be slightly premature for me to attempt to write proper songs, but i do like the idea of trying to write lyrics for random music, postal service style.. but yeah variety is good. I also am still into our covers because I at least still need that help to make the connection between music and sounds that I like. ...and I still feel fully compelled to learn the entire beirut catalog in case they ever need a banjulele player ;) *mklj

issues with frankenstein
i think poetry is supposed to introduce new ways of using our language, but i am still uncomfortable with some of the grammar in the lyrics... for example, "i have been waiting all this time as time goes by" sounds kind of weird to me because i am mixing tenses, and "i live to bring me closer to you"----should it be "i bring myself closer to you?"----but that doesn't work well with the rhythm. i like the phrase "portrait of my thought" but it doesn't rhyme well. any help will be appreciated! -sc
i am not so concerned with purposeful 'incorrect' grammar. my personal inclination would be to just be Completely ungrammatical and use exclusively sentence fragments machine monster style to sidestep the issue entirely. although, the music might be a little light for that. *mklj
i am positive that grammar doesn't matter in songs. it can even kind of detract from stuff, esp. if you have to crunch in syllables that don't want to fit in order to be correct. "frankenstein" sounds great! rock and roll has never been about grammar (except when it is, but that's a different kind of band we're talking about!) cw

world's fair
i really like world's fairs because they are festive, involve many countries and promote the future of humanity, although the closest i've been to one is the epcot center. so i think it would be a great idea to make an album about or set in a world's fair. we should also play on treasure island, which was built for the 1939 expo. -sc

Preliminary thoughts on sound

the songwriters in this band need to know... what should our songs be about? how should they sound? are we going to make happy songs, depressing songs?-sc

Alive, danceable.
i'm kind of into weird sort of almost meaningless lyrics sort of radiohead style. i love depressing music, but i would rather be in a dancey band. but dancey in a beirut sort of way. something alive sounding. sort of life affirming without being gross. like life affirming in an amelie way. *mklj
i agree - we can be singer-songwritery on our own, but since we have a bunch of people and a TON of liveliness among all of us, it seems that we should at least delve into things that involve some kind of rhythm or groove or fun, exciting sound. not that it has to always be like that. radiohead really is a great example - they span a really broad range of tempos and danceability. i'm not so worried that we'll be too drab or mellow - in fact, i think that we'll probably end up having a really well balanced sound. the point is: a resounding YES to songs you can dance to! *cw*

i agree- 7th chords are a go! *cw*
"d7, my first favorite chord" *mklj

songs amelie would listen to - sc
yes *mklj
second that emotion *cw*
but all our songs don't have to have the same feeling, right? or at least not the same sound. i mean, i think they should go where we need them to go. *mklj

drunken ocean orchestra
you know, like a sound that swells. *mklj
i think it sounds really good when ciana (accordion) and vijay (violin) play long notes together -sc
yes yes yes! i think that richness of sound (like a vibrant tapestry or some other dorky analogy) is something we should go for. pretty bare-bones songs will come naturally after we're done creating a lovely, dark, layered chocolate cake of music. *cw*

snapshot/impressionism lyrics
where the words draw a quick picture of a moment. something like a snapshot or short story or fast painting. with details, but without all the details. something emotive without being overly specific. where your idea is still kinda blurry, but you get a strong feeling from it. *mklj

a light peppering of hand claps, not overdone
always a big fan of hand claps, in moderation. *mklj
such clapping should fill the role of an intermittent percussion instrument. not campfire singalong clapping. -sc
agreed *mklj
ooh like in the cure's "close to me". what better hand-clapping is there than that? -cw
close to me! can we cover that? *mklj
YES, let's do it. the cure tends to be pretty easy to play... cw

about covers..
I think covers are a good way to find things we like about music and sounds that we want to keep for ourselves, but maybe a good middle step between being a covers-only band and a no-covers band would be to personalize our covers a little more. like how radiohead call themselves a radiohead cover band - because it's not the same every time they perform it. and it doesn't necessarily sound just like the album. I'd be interested in playing around more with the various instruments we have and making sounds sound like us even if we're using other people's music. like the white stripes jolene doesn't sound like dolly's and sufjan's lakes of canada sounds 1000x better than the original. so maybe we can start there? *mklj
at this point, i think it is important for us to cover songs as closely as we can to the originals (of course, to the extent possible given our instrumentation). doing so will force us to learn and improve quickly. we should challenge ourselves to learn all the solos, little riffs, the correct strumming patterns, and not just to do what is most comfortable to us. this will also teach us to listen to music more closely, because it will probably involve a lot of playing back the same part of the recording over and over, and perhaps watching live videos. it is a bit of extra work, but i think it is more fun to really experience what our favorite bands go through, than to just sorta follow the chords we found on the internet. -sc

Various Aesthetic Elements

Persian Rug to lay out when we play.
Chandelier to hang from a tree
Banners/Flags - like Björk had at the shoreline - Loved that. *mklj
Mystique - you know, mysteriousness *mklj
The Bizarre
A fine combination of rhythm (aka Rock and Roll) and a sense of exoticism
Exoticism deserves a line of its own

Names we came up with so far...

something not starting with "the"
because... because i just don't like "the"? and it throws off my folders in my itunes library. *mklj
i agree. band names that start with "the" remind me of standard 4 piece garage bands. -sc

Abigail and the Bumble Bees
This is retardedly awesome, though a first attempt at a "Person's Name & The Band Name" sort of construction. It is not pretentious (or pretentiously dorky) which is why I like it...just a silly idea for y'all, get the ball rolling. *cw*

Vladimir and the Curiosity Shoppe
I like the image I get from this. Lots of space musically. *mklj
I'm still in love with the merch possibilities of being the curiosity shoppe. *mklj

Vladimir in the Curiosity Shoppe
I like the Curiosity Shoppe, but Vladimir sounds too Russian...-sc
I'm ok with russian... but I'm not married to the name Vladimir. I do like the exotic vibe, though. *mklj
I still have a strong pref. for "and the" over "in the" because "in the" is indoors and we're outdoors? but like, if we're vladimir and the curiosity shop we Are the curiosity shop. and i love that. rather than having us just people in a shop buying stuff albeit cool stuff. *mklj
I like Vladimir for the Nabokov reference, his writing is full of pretty little things and really powerful aesthetics that could work well for us...I also like "in" instead of "and" because it seems more interesting, but I do like the idea of being "the Curiosity Shoppe" as a shortened name. -rssl.
i agree. even though it starts with "the" heh. *mklj

_____________in the Curiosity Shoppe
let's think of some more names...
I still kind of like "and the" better if only because I think it works better with trees and outdoors-ness *mklj

The Curiosity Shoppe
even though it starts with "the" *mklj
I still like Shoppe v. Shop, but it has been pointed out that people will probably spell shoppe wrong - that doesn't bother me though *mklj

Band Practice/Party
except i feel like this is more what we DO than who we are. *mklj
but isn't that rad? sort of . doesn't that radically rethink how band names work? all po-mo style and what not? still like VintheCS best right now. -rssl.
But it's only the BEST BAND NAME EVER! it is sort of bare bones, does not pigeonhole us at all, and will hopefully never get dated. plus, two sets of siblings agree that it is brilliant *cw*
also approve -rssl.
still hung up on the description v. name thing. I still want a Name. *mklj
i'm starting to see the beauty in this. and i do like the slash.. *mlkj

Molly Says Yes
love the name for the joyce reference, but people in band with name of band is always a spot of trouble, cause they everyone is always asking "Who is Molly?" as opposed to them asking "Who is Vladimir" and getting the answer no one -rssl.
ditto *mklj

The Ministry of ___________
try going to and typing in "the ministry of". you get lots of good options. i like the idea of a band name that reminds of me of tea *cw*
it sounds a little too orwellian to me... (like "ministry of truth," "ministry of love," etc.) -sc
understandable...i am feeling something antique-y and british, of which this is merely one interpretation *cw*
i had the orwellian thought too. -rssl.
so did i. well, orwell and the ministry of silly walks... *mklj
TEVS, y'all! just putting stuff out there...*cw*

Earl Grey / English Breakfast / Other kind of tea
I think many of us agree: tea is both sexy and exotic *cw*

Drunken Ocean Orchestra
I like this idea as a sound, but I have a feeling there's already a band/orchestra with a similar name *mklj
Electric Light Orchestra
yeah, except for BPP, referencing music in your name can be dangerous. i think we can work with the drunken sailory sort of aesthetic though. keep listening to the decemberists...*cw*
i'm thinking not so much about sailors as the water itself. *mklj

Carmine - Shalimar - Edwardian - Chartreuse - Chevalier - Ballet Russe
Words That I Like That Could Be Incorporated Into a Band Name *cw*

Sun in the Shade
it sounds more like a song title -sc

Goodbye spreadsheet, hello blog!

Remember this idea?
blog: this band spreadsheet is awesome, but it seems to be getting big and messy. what if we set up a group blog, so we can have longer discussion threads without scrolling sideways? also, a blog might be easier to access for those who don't have this spreadsheet bookmarked.-sc
let's do it! this is kinda hard to navigate... *cw*

Here is an attempt at getting even more organized.

We'll see how it goes.