Feb 6, 2008

First song ideas

could we do a song in french? i would totally help out with the lyric-writing/singing as necessary. *mklj
YES! Singing in French (or any language) is easy because accent doesn't matter. Plus it's so fun when most people don't know what you're saying. *cw*

for the exotic/travel element. a quick glimpse into a moment. *mklj
this should also be one of the things we sell at our curiosity shop. -sc

one song with two lead vocalists
i think it is sexy when two singers take turns with the lead vocal, even more so if one singer sings a verse and the other singer sings the same verse later in the song -sc
hells yes. agreed. sexy = good, and we have a lot of sexy in our band. -cw

sea chanties
or is it shanties? *mklj
YES, like at day of the dead! -cw

i'm writing a song about the bicycle, since it is the main form of transportation for some of us. and because we have a bicycle bell.-sc
can it be a dark, mysterious bicycle song? like dark and mysterious in the way the arcade fire are dark and mysterious? *mklj
sure, i will try to make it dark -sc

everyone contributes
i am def. feeling like we need to get off of the ground floor with original music, and i don't want to force our lovely steven to come up with all of it on his own (unless he wants to). it might be cool to try making a collaboration, or even having everyone meet up just to talk about new song ideas so that we can put SOME ideas onto paper (or out onto the soundwaves) and start being our own band, rather than a cover band. though i love singing covers, i'm way more into "Frankenstein" right now than any of the other songs we sing! -cw
i totally agree. i don't want to write all the songs because they will all sound the same. bands like the beatles and queen are awesome and got variety because all of their members were songwriters. on the other hand, the beatles started out as a covers band... they learned to play pretty much every song written from the mid 50s to early 60s, and i think that's why they are good... they took the best elements from their favorite songs and created something even better. this band spreadsheet has been pretty helpful so far, but yes we should all discuss song ideas during band practice.-sc
I think it might be slightly premature for me to attempt to write proper songs, but i do like the idea of trying to write lyrics for random music, postal service style.. but yeah variety is good. I also am still into our covers because I at least still need that help to make the connection between music and sounds that I like. ...and I still feel fully compelled to learn the entire beirut catalog in case they ever need a banjulele player ;) *mklj

issues with frankenstein
i think poetry is supposed to introduce new ways of using our language, but i am still uncomfortable with some of the grammar in the lyrics... for example, "i have been waiting all this time as time goes by" sounds kind of weird to me because i am mixing tenses, and "i live to bring me closer to you"----should it be "i bring myself closer to you?"----but that doesn't work well with the rhythm. i like the phrase "portrait of my thought" but it doesn't rhyme well. any help will be appreciated! -sc
i am not so concerned with purposeful 'incorrect' grammar. my personal inclination would be to just be Completely ungrammatical and use exclusively sentence fragments machine monster style to sidestep the issue entirely. although, the music might be a little light for that. *mklj
i am positive that grammar doesn't matter in songs. it can even kind of detract from stuff, esp. if you have to crunch in syllables that don't want to fit in order to be correct. "frankenstein" sounds great! rock and roll has never been about grammar (except when it is, but that's a different kind of band we're talking about!) cw

world's fair
i really like world's fairs because they are festive, involve many countries and promote the future of humanity, although the closest i've been to one is the epcot center. so i think it would be a great idea to make an album about or set in a world's fair. we should also play on treasure island, which was built for the 1939 expo. -sc


Devin said...

I used to collect memorabelia from the 39 world's fair. I'd spend weekends as a child going to antique shows with my parents. I'd save a few dollars here and there from my allowance, chores, birthdays, greeting cards from relatives and the such and then buy Treasure Island brochures, ticket stubs, guess-your-weight stand canes, key-chains, ice-picks, scarves, table-clothes and then bring them home, bit by bit assembling them on a shelf in my room.

Steven said...

Awesome. We should do something with that stuff. Like album artwork.

myrkur ljos said...

Do we still have world's fairs?

We should def make use of that stuff. Even if it was just writing a song listing out all of the different bits of memorabilia. Maybe Beirut-style..?