Feb 6, 2008

Names we came up with so far...

something not starting with "the"
because... because i just don't like "the"? and it throws off my folders in my itunes library. *mklj
i agree. band names that start with "the" remind me of standard 4 piece garage bands. -sc

Abigail and the Bumble Bees
This is retardedly awesome, though a first attempt at a "Person's Name & The Band Name" sort of construction. It is not pretentious (or pretentiously dorky) which is why I like it...just a silly idea for y'all, get the ball rolling. *cw*

Vladimir and the Curiosity Shoppe
I like the image I get from this. Lots of space musically. *mklj
I'm still in love with the merch possibilities of being the curiosity shoppe. *mklj

Vladimir in the Curiosity Shoppe
I like the Curiosity Shoppe, but Vladimir sounds too Russian...-sc
I'm ok with russian... but I'm not married to the name Vladimir. I do like the exotic vibe, though. *mklj
I still have a strong pref. for "and the" over "in the" because "in the" is indoors and we're outdoors? but like, if we're vladimir and the curiosity shop we Are the curiosity shop. and i love that. rather than having us just people in a shop buying stuff albeit cool stuff. *mklj
I like Vladimir for the Nabokov reference, his writing is full of pretty little things and really powerful aesthetics that could work well for us...I also like "in" instead of "and" because it seems more interesting, but I do like the idea of being "the Curiosity Shoppe" as a shortened name. -rssl.
i agree. even though it starts with "the" heh. *mklj

_____________in the Curiosity Shoppe
let's think of some more names...
I still kind of like "and the" better if only because I think it works better with trees and outdoors-ness *mklj

The Curiosity Shoppe
even though it starts with "the" *mklj
I still like Shoppe v. Shop, but it has been pointed out that people will probably spell shoppe wrong - that doesn't bother me though *mklj

Band Practice/Party
except i feel like this is more what we DO than who we are. *mklj
but isn't that rad? sort of . doesn't that radically rethink how band names work? all po-mo style and what not? still like VintheCS best right now. -rssl.
But it's only the BEST BAND NAME EVER! it is sort of bare bones, does not pigeonhole us at all, and will hopefully never get dated. plus, two sets of siblings agree that it is brilliant *cw*
also approve -rssl.
still hung up on the description v. name thing. I still want a Name. *mklj
i'm starting to see the beauty in this. and i do like the slash.. *mlkj

Molly Says Yes
love the name for the joyce reference, but people in band with name of band is always a spot of trouble, cause they everyone is always asking "Who is Molly?" as opposed to them asking "Who is Vladimir" and getting the answer no one -rssl.
ditto *mklj

The Ministry of ___________
try going to google.co.uk and typing in "the ministry of". you get lots of good options. i like the idea of a band name that reminds of me of tea *cw*
it sounds a little too orwellian to me... (like "ministry of truth," "ministry of love," etc.) -sc
understandable...i am feeling something antique-y and british, of which this is merely one interpretation *cw*
i had the orwellian thought too. -rssl.
so did i. well, orwell and the ministry of silly walks... *mklj
TEVS, y'all! just putting stuff out there...*cw*

Earl Grey / English Breakfast / Other kind of tea
I think many of us agree: tea is both sexy and exotic *cw*

Drunken Ocean Orchestra
I like this idea as a sound, but I have a feeling there's already a band/orchestra with a similar name *mklj
Electric Light Orchestra
yeah, except for BPP, referencing music in your name can be dangerous. i think we can work with the drunken sailory sort of aesthetic though. keep listening to the decemberists...*cw*
i'm thinking not so much about sailors as the water itself. *mklj

Carmine - Shalimar - Edwardian - Chartreuse - Chevalier - Ballet Russe
Words That I Like That Could Be Incorporated Into a Band Name *cw*

Sun in the Shade
it sounds more like a song title -sc

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