Sep 28, 2009

Live Oak Park

On Sunday, it was Kate, Lisa, Steven, Ciana, Russ and Devin. We played our set. Somebody gave us chips and cookies. And we had a little debate about whether to invoke "Twist and Shout" at the end of the "Dead Parents" bridge.

Sep 21, 2009

Dolores Park

We played at Dolores Park on Sunday to celebrate Maya's birthday. Russ, Ciana, Steven, Lisa and Maya were there. In addition to our regular set, we worked on "Night Life," "Parish," and a cover of "Eleanor Rigby."

Sep 15, 2009

How to mic our band

Here's something to consider about regarding our live sound: using a single condenser mic for vocals and multiple instruments. The linked article says,
This “old fashioned” technique has made a comeback; for example, many bluegrass and folk bands utilize the one-mic method with surprisingly good result, typically using a large diaphragm cardioid condenser . . .

One obvious advantage of the single-mic technique is that the stage looks cleaner. Gone is the forest of mic stands, booms and cables.

Instead, you have a low-tech, old-fashioned look that fits in well with the music. Setup is much quicker as well: just place the mic, plug it in, adjust position, and you’re done.
So I'm thinking it might be worth getting this vintage-looking condenser mic. I'm guessing we should have two of these shared mics during our performances; three of us can huddle around one mic. I already have one condenser mic and a dynamic mic (less sensitive) that we can use, too. If we figure out a setup, then we can go confidently into any venue and just plug in and play, just making sure that the speakers are placed in front of us, so we don't feed back.

Bird Noises

BP/P is now on twitter. We'll use it to keep you informed about when, where and how awesome our practice/parties are. That way you can come and listen!

Find us at: @swarthynoise

Sep 7, 2009

Pictures from the Vasona gig

As reported in an earlier post, we played a show at Steven's company picnic at the Vasona Park. Here are the pictures from that event:

Warming up before the show.

This gentle slope worked quite nicely for our first step towards the Greek Theatre.

We need to get Devin a keyboard stand!

This is from our performance of "Nightclub Desperado." Devin's holding the sheet music because it wouldn't stay on the music stand.

Lisa's Garden Party

Russ and Ciana are back!

Today, we attended Lisa's Garden Party at Mosswood Park. Lisa, Russ, Ciana, Steven, Tani and Maya were present. We played through our usual set and resurrected some old tunes from Russ. Our friends were there to cheer us along. And there was a lot of food.

Sep 3, 2009

"Twenty-Five" video: a little thought bubble

Inside this bubble our bicycle rider will be thinking about 25 and all that it means...

Updated 9/4/2009: Added a speed limit sign to the beginning.