Feb 7, 2008


Here's a new song.


As we [Am] walk in- [G#] to a room of freezing cold [Am]
You [G#] laugh and say hello my [Dm] friend
I [E] fear my [Dm] kind idea [E]
And I [Am] brew a [G#] kettle drumming tea for [Am] you
[G#]Yellow foggy silver [Dm] blue
I [E] feel its [Dm] sweet ap- [E] peal
And [Dm] you in the armchair all [E] alone
Ooh, [Am] tell me [F] something [G] about the past [E] decade
Of [Am] blue and the [F] monochrome [E] tube
We can [Am] swing and [F] rock till
We [G] both have had [E] our fill
Of [Am] time and of [F] space and of [E] fun
But we [F] know we will never be [E] done

Am G# Am G# Dm E Dm E

The nightclubs and bars and disco lights
Ooh, don’t compel us
As much as our habit of
Staying up watching all night
As I fell into your arms
Fallen out of harm
The charm of a dream of mixed rhymes
And the fancied invention of lines

Later on, the sun is in the room again
Chased away the moon again
The mirror is frosty dear
In a daze, gentle wind a warm embrace
And everything is in its place
So near come for me here
The Sunday review is on the lawn
Ooh, we should go out, see what it’s all about
The bricks in the old custom house
We can stop and wonder
In front of a window of a shop
That is closed for the day
And the sights that we’ll see on the way


myrkur ljos said...

Oh I like. I esp. heart the lyrics/imagery on this one. I want to hear it with the full band.

myrkur ljos said...

You know... when I first played this, I accidentally started it playing on box and in itunes at the same time, but a little bit off. It sounded kinda cool with the two Stevens singing diff things on top of each other.. Maybe we can try to do that live somehow?

That could be an awful idea, but I'm into it at the moment.

Steven said...

We should try it. I always enjoy watching solo musicians who use live samplers. Remember that woman who performed before Beirut?

This song needs trumpet, harmonies, and lots of dynamic changes. Also it could use an intro and outro. Maybe something like Radiohead's "Life in the Glass House."