Aug 10, 2008

band practice/tea + croquet (birthday) party

Dang. Where even to start.

I can't even believe that not everyone is out there playing music in the park. For the life of me I don't think I could think of anything better.

We had the most best practice/party today, granted it was probably heavier on the party than the practice, but what are you to do when you're being swarmed by fans who also want to chat? I was a little worried that it'd be cold today after something of a chilly morning yesterday, but it was fabulously warm.

Steven, Russ, Liat, my mother and sister and I all arrived simultaneously at Mosswood Park and settled on a spot under a tree near Broadway where we layed out our blankets and quite a spread of food. There was also a bit of a goth party and twenty hipsters on bikes and Sri Lankan women sitting in a circle and a fancy kid's birthday party with face painting and a piƱata and then later a bunch of dudes playing soccer and frisbee and another twenty people playing some kind of volleyball, so the park was brimming with life. and our party was hopping.

So many people came out. So, so many. It was amazing. It made the (birthday) part of the practice/party that much sweeter. Through out the day a series of kids (from that birthday party) with the Batman bat painted on their faces (maybe it was a Batman themed party..?) paused near us to see what our deal was. I'm telling you, kids love us.

But not only kids! This older guy came by after we played Laika - and our Arcade Fires were off the hook today, for real - to say that we should put out a cd and get on the scene because he knows.

And another woman who seemed to be just passing through stopped by us to ask if we were a band or just kids who play together. A little of both? I said. She explained that she has some kind of artist space and is looking for bands to come play in it and did we have any contact info. Awesome, yes. So, we pointed her to the good old fb page. Hopefully Jared can hook us up with a nice link like, now that he works for that king of social networks.

We even did a little bit of filming for our croquet/Marcher video. Dunno how the footage came out, but we started it and you can't really ask for more than that. I also heard Steven chatting up Aron about animating our Twenty-Five vid Schoolhouse Rock style. If we ever finish these things, we'll def share them with you all via fb/youtube/this blog. I also saw a bunch of cameras snapping photos throughout the day, so hopefully there'll be pics to post soon.

It was so great seeing everybody and playing music with and for them. I swear I could do this every day of my life and die happy.

ps. I also ran off a couple more posters and plan to print more soon. Maybe some day we'll start selling them, but for the time being, if you want one, just holler!

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Ciana said...

sigh, can we repeat this idea for May Day of the Dead 2009?