Jun 23, 2008

Practice on Sunday, June 22nd

Steven, Lisa, Russ, and Ciana gathered at Live Oak Park in Berkeley for practice yesterday. We played through pretty much our entire repertoire, and even tossed in a couple of new cover songs for good measure. We had probably more adoring fans than ever - at least 3 (maybe 4) children under the age of 5, and one homeless woman. It was a monumental event, because we received our first payment in exchange for music EVER: a can of Sparks from the homeless woman. ("That's got like, 6% alcohol in it!!") We were, needless to say, honored, and have taken the can back with us as a future collector's item.


Unknown said...

You forgot the homeless man with "a history of recognizing talent"! haha

lady oracle said...

Who knew that you could cure povety induced alcoholism with music?