Jun 3, 2008

Music video ideas

I am a big fan of music videos. Let's make some:


How about a La Blogotheque-style video for "Frankenstein"? Can it have something to do with Frankenstein, like in a lab or some dingy looking place? Or at least have that mood of something bizarre happening? If we don't try to film ourselves playing live, then cardboard instruments would be great for a Frankenstein video because it is like we are trying to give life to 'dead' cardboard. Maybe we can do that at a junkyard-type place like the Albany Bulb.

For "Marcher," I was thinking something like this Belle & Sebastian video. The band is doing stuff while the singer is being contemplative. "Marcher" is kind of a tragic song and I would like the video to reflect that. I imagine a cold day in the city when Marcher is realizing what he has lost and he's wandering around. Then he ends up at a graveyard where May is, loosely following the story in the lyrics. It would be great to do this in Berkeley, since we probably have some favorite places there that we want to have some footage of. There should be a scene of us playing croquet, too.

It could be a like an episode of Schoolhouse Rock! with animated versions of ourselves.

How about this? A continuous shot of me walking down the street, but I'm not lip syncing to it at all, until the very end, when I pick up a guitar and sing the word "Smile." So, it's like we are turning thoughts into action. Fade to black.

Probably should be filmed in San Francisco. Could just be us singing and playing as we walk along the shore, and walk along some more...

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