May 23, 2008

We want you

As much as I love the idea that this band is more of an institution than a band tied to specific bandmates, I think we're all bummed at the prospect of a lot of us being forced to move far far away for frivolous life pursuits like higher education. I mean, I'm happy for you all and fully intend to take advantage of your brains and social connections, but *sniffle* I was worried for a while there that our lovely old band might change beyond recognition.

Actually though, I think we're too feisty and crazy about each other to let a few thousand miles do any real damage to The Band.

Also, I think we are secretly and openly trying to win Noah over to our cause. So far, things are looking good. Does he know that we are blown away by his mad skillz? Or at least I am. That boy can make proper sounds come out of anything you hand him. I am intensely jealous.

In any case, we are on the prowl! And, on the off-chance that anyone else in the wide world runs across this blog, I thought now would be a good time to make a shameless plug for new bandymates. We want you! Come say hi!

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Steven said...

This band has so much potential it is scary. We have lots of original songs already. We arrange our own music. Our songs are smart and catchy--they are written for music fans by music fans. Anyone interested in playing at the Greek or Shoreline and be loved by thousands of adoring fans, please contact us or leave a comment!