Mar 2, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 3/2/08

Location: Mosswood Park. Musicians: Ciana, Russ, Steven, Lisa, Molly, Vijay, Noah, Mike. Weather: Clear. Songs played: Idea, The Night Life, Frankenstein, Postcards From Italy, A Cautionary Song, Diggin' A Grave, Hallelujah, Laika (slow version), Tennessee Waltz, Heartbeats, Dead Parents (making its debut), Sylvia, Blues Jam in E. Tried some new covers: Across the Universe, Lovely Rita, There is a Light that Never Goes Out, Panic, Bigmouth Strikes Again.
  • Lisa made our first poster.
  • Decided to have a show next Sunday at Dolores Park, San Francisco. Should try to burn some CDs.
  • We decided not to change Warlock lyrics. Instead, we will write an all-new, bloody pirate song.
  • Tried to write a song about English breakfast tea.
  • Discussed our techno/electronic side project. Vijay to be prerecorded with face appearing on video.
  • Slash Party

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