Jul 27, 2008

Mosswood Park and house party, 7/26/08

During the afternoon, Russ, Steven, Maya and Hilary played at Mosswood Park. We played "Idea," "Scenic World," "Marcher," and "Sylvia." Practice time was restricted to the number of coins we had to keep our cars from being ticketed.

Afterwards, we moved to Molly/Noah's house. We were joined by Lisa, Molly, Noah, Vijay, Lana and many more partygoers. We played most of our songs, including some we hadn't played for a while, including "Laika" and "In the Backseat." By special request, we played "Wouldn't It Be Nice," "No Woman, No Cry," "Across the Universe," "People Are Strange," and "Hotel California." Steven presented a new song, "Picture." And our cover of "Hallelujah" is sounding quite amazing these days.

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