Dec 18, 2008

Dead Parents

Listen to "Dead Parents" on our Facebook page! Russ is the lead singer, with Molly and Steven on backup.

I met you the night that both your parents had died
You leaned into me and told me that you'd never cry
And all that you ever needed, you had inside
I have to admit, it certainly sounded like lies


All I needed to know
And all I had left to show
Was the look in your eyes
Was the dream in your mind
And I wanted to be
And I wanted to see
All that you are
All that you were
Wanted you more
Than I know who you are
You are the heart
You are the land
The only girl
That I could stand

I was lonely on my own
You're the only one I phoned
Deep in my heart I was calling out for your love
So I wandered the streets until I had had enough


You're the one who got this right
All we have is one more night
You and me and the out of sight
All we have is one more night to get it right

You were always on your own
But when I called up, no one's home
Nobody loves you like I said that I would
Nobody loves that, nobody could


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