Mar 9, 2008

Band Practice/Party, 3/9/08

Location: Ciana's place. Musicians: Ciana, Russ, Steven.
  • Frankenstein: Discussed the new arrangement.
  • Portland Bridges: Wrote some harmonies and a new part for the accordion.
  • Idea: Russ to play banjo in the beginning. A saw or whistling for the kettle. Bells or zils on selected lyrics. Trumpet to solo during the instrumental, accompanied by trilling mandolin. Trumpet to double accordion part during the verses.
  • Night Life: Worked on the placement of the accordion melody, cut the length of the choruses.
  • Dead Parents: Added the clapping part during the verse. Part of the verse now a recurring motif. The bridge is now the beginning of the chorus.
  • Played Maggie May and most of the songs we're doing next week.

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