Oct 31, 2009

Berkeley and Powell Street BART stations

Lisa, Kate and Maya at the Powell Street BART station.

The last few weeks, we have been taking our show to the public. On the evening of the 11th, we went to the Berkeley BART station and played until we were too tired/hungry to continue. We learned that we should start playing our high-energy songs right when a BART train pulls into the station and brings us a large crowd. We got the best audience reaction from "Siki, Siki Baba."

Tonight (Halloween night!), we played at the Powell Street station. At first, we played outside, where we were up against a "Thriller" dance number, the police and a fight between two homeless people. Then, we moved it indoors to the corridor between the two ticket machine areas (there were other musicians at the prime locations). We ran through our set list a couple times, and played a few songs we hadn't played for a long time, including "Jambalaya" and "The Sound of Silence." A fellow busking group stopped by and listened to "Scenic World" and "Pompeii," calling the former a "refreshing" song and the latter "a blend of pop, rock and even a little bit of soul."

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